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  • Aromatic healer
  • Essential oil formulator


Hope is an aromatic healer, essential oil formulator, teacher, and writer who has been working in the wellness space for more than 35 years. She began her professional career as a dancer and choreographer until she got injured and turned to the healing arts and aromatherapy for her cure and professional certification. In 1980, she established her private practice in the healing arts in New York City and has held faculty positions at Harvard and Boston universities' advanced theater programs. In 2008 she launched her brand H. Gillerman Organics to spas and wellness outlets.

Today, her unique approach—the Hope Gillerman Method—combines her essential oils remedies with energy healing, bodywork, and teachings. Her book, “Essential Oils Every Day” details how to incorporate aromatic healing into your own daily self-care and beauty regime. 

Hope has contributed articles to the Huffington Post, BodhiTree, WellInsiders, Liberty of London, and ABC Home’s Reveal blog.


Hope is a senior level, AmSAT-certified Alexander Technique Teacher and Teacher Trainer and trained in aromatic healing and safety with Jeffrey Yuen L.Ac. at the Ambrosia Institute, Robert Tisserand at the Tisserand Institute, and Karen Reilly at Omnessence Aromatherapy. 

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