How to Get "Honey Skin": The Dewy Complexion Korean Women Are Obsessed With

The internet broke, repaired itself, then broke again when Allure shared an aspiring makeup artist, Ellie Choi's "glass skin" routine and accompanying dewy skin close-up. As the name suggests, glass skin refers to translucent, clear, smooth skin, of which the MUA so clearly possessed. There's nothing like the power of social media to start a mass craze, so when Choi broke down each step of her routine and photographic proof that the products were to blame for her insane complexion, the likes, regrams, and retweets spilled in. 

Then recently, Charlotte Cho, co-founder of Soko Glam shared with me another buzzy phrase Korean women are pining after: honey skin. She explains, "Korean women are obsessed with any natural-based skincare ingredients that can help them achieve 'honey skin,' or skin that looks bright, hydrated and supple." Intrigued (and curious how it differs from glass skin), I probed Cho as well as the co-founders of Korean beauty destination Glow Recipe, Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, for their thoughts.

Et voilá. Honey skin, served. For more K-beauty secrets, check out the one product Korean women will never use.