Honey Red Is the Freshest Celebrity Hair Color Trend for Spring

Celebs are already onboard.

Kendall Jenner honey red hair

@colorbymattrez / Instagram / Byrdie

Spring is finally on its way, and with it comes a new hair color trend. Honey red hair is the latest (and perhaps greatest) take on ginger locks, and we can't get enough of it. Unlike the auburn shade that was popular this winter, this hue is a little blonder, but no less warm, and its bright color is the perfect compliment for the sunny days ahead. It’s no wonder, then, that celebs and influencers are lining up to dye their hair this fiery color.

From paparazzi photos to Instagram feeds, the honey-infused strawberry shade is popping up everywhere. And although there’s no pressure to follow suit (yes, even if you saw Zendaya sporting it and trust her taste with your life), there are some major benefits to jumping on this bandwagon—especially if you’re already in the mood to change things up. The golden red hue—which is essentially a fiery shade mixed with some lighter tones or a warm gloss—can work on pretty much every skin tone and hair texture, and it won’t be quite as high-maintenance as other, blonder styles. Plus, going red is a certified power move, perfect for anyone hoping to spice things up.

Ahead, see how your favorite trendsetters—including Kendall Jenner, Zendaya (obvi), and Barbie Ferreira—are styling this hair color trend.

The Trend

Kendall Jenner first showed off her new hair color during Milan Fashion Week, and her spicy red look instantly caused a stir. The new color was a team effort from colorists Matt Rez and Jenna Perry, and although Jenner might have originally dyed her hair red for the Prada show on Feb. 24, she hasn’t ditched the fun hue yet. (Maybe it's redheads, not blondes, that have more fun?)

Since traveling west for Paris Fashion Week, Jenner has proven again and again that she can work it as a ginger—on and off the runway. Unsurprisingly, fans are taking notice—one commented on TikTok, “[not gonna lie] ginger Kenny is elite." (Hard agree.)

Zendaya is also embracing the trend, although this isn't the first time Zendaya has experimented with red hair (she typically goes for a deeper, darker auburn color). And yet the lighter, honey red color looks like it was made for her. Plus, it complements her curls perfectly.

Zendaya honey red hair curls

@zendaya / Instagram

Euphoria’s Barbie Ferreira’s new look is giving Ginger Spice, but it was inspired by a different famous redhead—actually, a whole family of them. “Barbie Weasley," she captioned her first foray into ginger territory, tagging hair colorist Jess Gonzalez. Later, she lightened the coloring a bit with the help of celeb colorist Rachel Bodt.

Bodt, a Matrix Brand Ambassador, explained the transformation, "I painted Barbie’s whole head to create a lot of dimension without it looking like highlights. We wanted the light to pick up all the different shades and tones of red." The result is vibrant, glowy, and spring-ready.

Sydney Sweeney's ginger-colored hair may have more to do with her career than staying on-trend, but we're still loving her latest transformation. Sharing her new look on Instagram, Sweeney captioned the photo, "Penny Jo," the name of her character in her upcoming movie, National Anthem. Plus, the Euphoria actress's new 'do is the perfect example of just how fabulous red hair looks with bangs.

The Bottom Line

I get it: Seeing all of these stunning examples, it can be tempting to make a hair appointment ASAP. But before taking the plunge, it's important to consult with a hair stylist and colorist you trust. Though this honey red color might not be as high-maintenance as bleach blonde (TBH, nothing is), it's still going to take some work to keep it fresh. The results are well-worth the effort, but it's still a commitment worth taking seriously.

That said, if you want to have a trial run first, a temporary ginger dye or tint (from a brand like Overtone) might be exactly what that colorist ordered. Whether it convinces you to go for it or dissuades you completely, an impermanent solution could save you a lot of time and heartache—especially if you want to keep your hair healthy enough to jump on the next big trend.

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