This One Thing Can Fix Acne-Prone Skin—and It's Already in Your Pantry

Okay, Byrdie readers, we're calling the next big trend in natural beauty remedies. We'll give you a few hints: It's probably one of your favorite ingredients to add to a smoothie, it tastes great in chamomile tea, and it's also the name of a killer Mariah Carey tune. That's right, 2018 is about to be the year of honey—move over coconut oil. This 100% natural product softens and brightens skin, and it's likely sitting in your pantry. Honey's healing properties make it a seriously underrated beauty gem, and we think it's about time it came into its own. If you've never thought of using honey on your face as a cleanser, you're in for a surprise. Keep reading for five simple ways to incorporate honey into your skincare routine. 

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