We Asked Scalp Experts: Can Home Remedies for Thicker Hair Actually Work?

When it comes to the search for thicker hair, we live in a world with lots of quick fixes: extensions, styling hacks, and plenty of other suspect products on the market that promise lustrous results with just a pop of a pill or spread of a cream. But what about results that are actually sustainable? Is there such a thing? And are there any home remedies for thicker hair that can actually make a difference in the long run? As you can see, we had questions. So we decided to reach out to the most knowledgeable experts (specifically, trichologists and dermatologists) to get their take on the topic and to learn what we can do at home if we're looking to beef up our scalp's thread count.

And as a sneak preview (and before you get your hopes up), most home remedies for thicker hair involve bigger-picture lifestyle tweaks. But don't worry—we'll explain everything in a few. From better sleep to strategic supplements, keep reading for the expert-approved home remedies for thicker hair.