5 Home Remedies for Alleviating a Toothache

The best adjectives to describe toothaches—even mild ones—are "annoying," "disruptive," "distracting," and "painful." A dull, throbbing ache can radiate through the tooth and jaw all day long. Even if you're somehow able to momentarily forget it's there, all it takes is a simple sip of coffee or a bite of a mid-afternoon snack to remind you of its pestering presence. The worst part is that there's seemingly not much you can do about it, aside from heading straight to the dentist's office—rarely an option in the midst of a busy day.

The good news is that despite what you might think, there are indeed a few home remedies out there that will keep the sufferer of a mild toothache out of the dentist's waiting room. These remedies are actually quite simple, not to mention effective, for ridding your tooth from ache. (Remember, though: These are only for mild toothaches. Anything that's chronic or severe means you should head to your dentist as soon as possible.) Keep scrolling to see five home remedies for alleviating the oh-so-common toothache.