The 12 New Holy-Grail Products We Discovered This Year

We adore trying products. It's a hobby just as much as it is part of our job description. Our bathrooms have a revolving door of products for that very reason. But every so often, a product (or two or three) are special enough to keep in the rotation far longer than usual. Such is the case with the these, a collection of favorites we discovered this year and are toting along with us straight to 2019. There are lipsticks, foundations, primers, highlighters—the works. They're all unique and exciting in their own way. 

Below, find the products we just can't seem to live without. The ones that, even when something similar comes along, we won't give up. We're stubborn like that. The formulas are perfect, finishes flawless, and each one has a little something that puts a pep in our step. Keep scrolling for a slew of products you're sure to fall in love with.