Holographic Lips Are Instagram's Latest Obsession

Falling for trends that remind us of our younger years is nothing new. We've been all about the '90s for a while now, and certain pop culture signifiers from the era are making their way back into our otherwise grown-up lives. The internet recently freaked out over Lisa Frank hair, a rainbow dyeing technique every bit as magical as the multicolored dolphins and puppies that decorated your trapper keepers.

The latest trend sending the internet into a craze also seems to take a cue from the fanciful illustrations that adorned our coveted school supply merch. Holographic lip gloss, which captivates with an iridescent rainbow palette somewhere between Lisa Frank–ified water or the prettiest oil spill, is blowing up on Instagram. Sigma Beauty has been teasing shots of its November 14 Lip Switch Set launch, complete with surreal shots of the product in action. If you want to score the prismatic pout yourself, the individual lip gloss tubes—ranging from colors like Other Worldly to Double-Whammy—are available for $14.

See some of the most striking looks below.