Here's Why the Beauty World Is Obsessed With Purple Highlighter

It was April 26, 2016, and the highlighter world was about to change—majorly. Everyone's favorite makeup artist, the illustrious Pat McGrath, launched her third product, Skin Fetish 003, which not only sold out immediately but also crashed her site.

Highly anticipated launches are, of course, nothing new nowadays, but this one was particularly important because it ushered in one of our favorite trends: the holographic highlighter. Characterized by a pearly iridescent sheen with purple or blue undertones, these illuminating products look practically extraterrestrial in their packaging. But when applied to skin, they impart a magical and lustrous effect that's both customizable and universally flattering. They're a big departure from the traditional champagne or rose-gold hues we tend to gravitate toward for a natural glow, so we were surprised to find that these otherworldly shades were so compatible with every skin tone and both cool or warm undertones. Color us impressed.

McGrath may have had the first, but she certainly doesn't have the monopoly on these purple-toned heroes. Below, we've rounded up the best new holographic products on the market so you too can partake in the craze.