"Hollywood Opal" Is the Hair Color to Try If You're Over Pastel

Throughout all of 2017, pastels were the buzziest of all hair colors. We saw a departure from traditional shades in favor of something lighter and brighter—peach hair colors were particularly popular. Remember the pink champagne and the rose-gold hair craze? We do, especially since we're still not over them.

We even saw the emergence of "color-misting," the color technique that results in an undulating rainbow color. (It makes sense these types of colors were trending, especially because the same ones were trending in the makeup industry. We're still seeing everything unicorn-inspired.)

The trend is far from over, especially since, according to Allure, there's a new take on peach hair. This one is softer, subtler, and a bit more glamorous than its previous counterparts. It's called "Hollywood Opal," and it was coined by a Seattle salon.