This Hailey Bieber-Approved Skincare Brand Just Launched a Divine Exfoliating Mask

Holifrog Kosi Multi-Acid Mask

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It didn't take Hailey Bieber standing behind skincare brand Holifrog to get me to try the line (I'd already sampled—and approved of—the brand before she revealed that she cleanses with the Tashmoo Milky Wash at night) but her endorsement certainly doesn't hurt. As far as gentle, thoughtful formulations go, Holifrog is a guidepost, so it's no wonder celebrities with cherubic skin like Bieber trust its products as additions to their regimens.

The idea for Holifrog was conceived after co-founder Emmy Parr learned that frogs' skin are so permeable, they absorb everything in their surroundings, meaning they can't live in toxic environments. While human skin is much thicker and tolerant than a frogs', when we wash our face, our skin become more vulnerable and thus needs to be replenished with nourishing and effective ingredients; in other words, adopting a frog-first approach to skincare means weeding out disruptive, irritating ingredients and treating skin delicately and deliberately, which is what Holifrog aims to do. Rather than peddling a murky "clean skincare" initiative, the brand instead follows an approach they've coined "cautious skincare" wherein ingredients are cherry-picked for science-backed efficacy and safety, all of which are meant to protect and enhance the health of the skin.

Holifrog's newest launch—and a first for the line—is an exfoliating mask they've dubbed the Kosi Multi-Acid Mask. I was immediately drawn to the product upon learning that it's formulated with a 20% acid blend (quite potent for an exfoliating product) meaning it'll pack quite a punch, but with that includes a mix of nourishing oils like jojoba and peach kernel as well as soothing antioxidants to prevent irritation.

Kosi Multi-Acid mask

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The Benefits

Your arsenal of serums and moisturizers can't do their job as efficiently if they're being placed on top of dead skin cells and congestion—that's where Kosi comes in to help break down dullness while restoring vibrancy and, overall, evening out the skin tone. At the cellular level, the mask also works to minimize cellular damage and reduce inflammation thanks to magnesium, Wakame Bioferment Advanced (a seaweed-derived extract), and AcquaSeal Algae (an oil soluble active), so it's working deep beneath the surface to improve the look and feel of skin.

How to Use It

On clean skin, Kosi can be applied in an even layer and left on for 10-20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. Because it's such a high-powered mask, a twice-per-week application is all you need. You should also be careful to not use any other exfoliating ingredients or actives in tandem with this mask to reduce irritation. The instructions note that mild redness and tingling is common upon application.

The Reviews

Lindsey Metrus, associate general manager

Lindsey Metrus

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"Like most exfoliating masks, I expected this formula to have a bit of a thick, delightfully gloppy consistency, but instead it feels more like a lotion—a mild texture which essentially mimics the mild nature of the mask. I didn't experience any redness (and my skin is quite reactive), just slight tingling in the kind of way that lets you know it's working. Upon rinsing, my skin was super smooth and had a noticeable shift in clarity. The next morning was the cherry on top, though—any bouts of congestion had decreased and my complexion had notable radiance. I plan to keep it in my weekly skincare rotation to help unclog my pores and expedite cell turnover."

Holly Rhue, senior editor

Holly Rhue

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"I'm no stranger to exfoliants and at-home peels. I typically use a prescription-strength retinoid six nights a week, then some kind of resurfacing mask or at-home peel on the seventh night. That's all to say that my skin has a high tolerance for acids, and you should always start slow if you're brand new to ingredients. With that being said, I loved using this. It doesn't sting or burn my skin, and the gel-cream texture is so cooling and enjoyable—it's such a lovely sensorial experience. After the first use, my skin looked super fresh, glow-y, and radiant (and just a little bit red, but that subsided within a few minutes). This is definitely a great option if you're looking for something luxe and effective."

Olivia Hancock, editor

Olivia Hancock

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"This mask promises to diminish dullness, so it immediately piqued my curiosity. After rinsing the mask off my face, my skin definitely looked more vibrant and felt hydrated. From the 10% AHA blend to the antioxidant blend, I love that this mask is packed with powerhouse ingredients that will always leave your skin refreshed after each use."

Jesa Calaor, editor

Jesa Calaor

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"Formulas blended with multiple acids make me nervous at first glance. This is due to an incident where a chemical exfoliator left my sensitive skin red and with raised spots and lines. This mask—which is swirled with 20% AHA, BHA, and PHA—did no such thing. I smeared the peach goo onto my freshly cleansed face and set a timer for ten minutes. After minute two, my nervousness subsided as I felt the formula begin to dry down. After washing off the mask, my complexion was left visibly brighter and feeling softer. If you have sensitive skin and are looking for a chemical formula, give this one a go."

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Holifrog Kosi Multi-Acid Mask
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