8 Festive Manicures to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

As we officially enter the throes winter, we start trading our moody fall hues for all things festive and bright. Our theory is this: If it's gilded, glittery, and makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside, maybe we'll be less morose about the fact that it's freezing outside and gets dark at 5 p.m. (We realize the former doesn't necessarily apply to anyone who lives in L.A. or Miami, to whom we say: Hi, we're jealous.) This theory extends to our nail polish color, which can boost our mood in just a glance. (Team Byrdie shared our favorite mood-boosting polish colors here for you to peruse.) Luckily, the Jinsoon team has our backs in that department, sharing eight festive manicure ideas that are just begging to be Instagrammed, preferably clasping a bubbling champagne glass. Keep scrolling for eight festive manicures to get you in the holiday spirit!