29 Timeless Holiday Hairstyles You Can Recreate Yourself

woman wearing holiday hairstyle with hair pins

Something about the holidays make it extra fun to get dressed up, more so than at any other time of the year. This year, as unique as it is, has all of us left to decide whether we want to get fancied up for the holidays to make it feel extra special, or keep things extremely casual because let's face it, we're not actually going anywhere. Wardrobe aside, our hair has the power to transform us—I mean, it is one of our best accessories. Whatever you decide to do to celebrate from Thanksgiving to the New Year, dressy or casual, creating a timeless style for your hair can elevate your look and your entire mood. Below, we've rounded up 29 timeless hairstyles to inspire every hair type for this unique holiday season.

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Pearl Dust

You can throw your hair into any style you're comfortable wearing to keep your look classic, but adding a sprinkle of pearls dusted throughout the hair will give your look a hint of magic thats timelessly synched with holiday spirit.

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Holiday Glam

A deep side part, classic Hollywood waves and a bold red lip? This is an all around timeless beauty look, making it great for a small get together at home or your company's holiday Zoom party. To replicate, all you need to do is wrap sections of your hair around a 1" curling iron going in the same direction all the way around the head. Once the hair is cool, you can brush through those curls to soften it up and finalize your desired shaping with some hairspray.

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Adorned Bubbles

A bubbled ponytail is always an eye catcher. Give your bubble ponytails a little extra holiday flair by adding a small tie of ribbon at every notch.

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High Half-Up

High and tight half-up hairstyles have become a timeless staple to keep in our repertoires but keeping those ends extra bouncy and full of volume make this look perfect for your holiday attire.

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Clipped Up

If you have brittle, over processed hair that needs a break from heat and hair ties this holiday season, adorn them with a few clips or barrettes to avoid further breakage. They'll add a chic effortless look to your holiday 'do.

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Black Velvet

There's no better time of year to bust out the black velvet. The dress, the bows, the chokers, even the headbands. You can't go wrong with a black velvet accent in your holiday hairdo.

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Soft Volume

Soft, touchable volume in the hair is a timeless style that deserves to be captured in moments big and small so you can always remember your best hair days.

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Barrette Bouquet

Spring may be the season for fresh florals, but the holidays are a time for metallic buds. Keep the timeless look alive with a little extra sheen by way of these pins from LeLet NY.

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Sparkle Stack

Everything should shine a little brighter around the holidays, hair included. A simple stack of bright pins is an easy fix when you want to keep things casual but remain festive.

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Elevated Norms

Whatever your go-to hair style is, turn it up a notch to make your hair into a timeless holiday 'do. This ponytail becomes an elevated yet simple, classy style with it's clean parting, sleek pull, and flow-y volume.

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Pony Cuffs

Pony cuffs are a timeless touch to pair with minimal attire. Its glitzy but its placement keeps the statement super subdued.

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Chunky Bows

Bows are the "it" accessory for the holiday season. Using a bow that's textured and chunky to match or even counteract the rest of your ensemble is a sure way to have this simple statement stand out.

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Pearl Accents

Pearls are a very delicate, holiday friendly detail. You can basically do as little or as much to your hair as desired and any amount of pearl accents will keep your 'do classy.

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Turn Up the Volume

For some of you, bigger is always better, especially when it comes to glam. Turning up the volume with some beautifully shaped, brushed out curls is a super fun way to give your hair a voice that says, "It's time to celebrate."

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Golden Headbands

We love the way this crown-like headband pulls the hair back and accentuates the beauty of these natural curls. This is a great holiday look if you want to wear your hair down but still keep it back away from the neck and face while sporting a chunky necklace or even a turtleneck.

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Textured Ribbons

'Tis the season for bows. We love a good bow in the hair for the holidays, and giving it a little extra something, like a playful pattern or interesting texture - or both - is a great way to adorn your strands for any special occasion or celebration.

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Extra Glitzy

If you have stick straight hair and are looking for a timeless new 'do, chalk your hair full of Oribe's Dry Texture spray and do a lil' hair wrap. This is a super unique, fun updo to try. Part your hair behind one ear and begin to gently tease your hair forward, following the curvature of your head and pinning as you go. Let the ends nest on top near the crown. Hide your pins with something a little extra glitzy when you're through.

If your hair is too thick or slippery to hold this shape, use a wet product to give it some hold like BedHead's Queen for a Day and blow dry the hair in the direction you want to pin it in until it's fully dry.

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Hint of Red

Let's be honest, micro braids are a timeless style year 'round. They're also a great way to add your favorite holiday color into the mix. Pair them with a monochromatic neutral outfit to really let the hair stand out.

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Chandelier Updos

If you're looking to style your dreads or braids into a timeless style, you have the power of sculpting unforgettable shapes on your side. An exaggerated beehive, bouffant, or topknot can all get a tinge of holiday spirit with garlands of jewels or chains thoughtfully wrapped around them.

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Braids to Bun

Making your braided rows ultra thick and texturized keeps them looking softer and fuller. A deep red pouty lip can tie your beauty efforts together for a timeless holiday glam that's unforgettably chic.

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Wavy Bobs

Try to steer clear of those beach-y waves during this time of year. Opt for brushed out ringlets, sculpted waves, and subtle movement in shorter cuts. We're loving the way these gentle flat iron waves on bob length hair make such a simple yet sophisticated statement.

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Bring on the sparkle. More gems, more glitter, more sequins, more shine. The holidays are the time of year to all in and have it translate as timeless rather than costume-y, so why not just go for it?

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Silver and Gold

Metallics always work for a festive holiday 'do. We love the way these gold threads ribbon their way into imperfect curls throughout the updo. This is a nice touch for tighter updos that don't have any shorter strands or bits to hang out loosely.

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Sleek Chignons

Make your glam shine for the holidays. Pick up a can of restorative shine spray like this olive oil spray from ORS to use on your hair and skin. It'll keep your chignons looking sleek and your collarbones extra dewy.

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Casual Bouffants

High volume at the crown and soft draping at the sides are what characterize a timeless bouffant. Keep the hair's texture dry and natural for a casual approach to this classic style.

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Glass Hair

All is bright this time of year, and the hair should be too. For a glassy style that won't budge, set your hair in place with a good primer like BedHead's Queen for a Day. Blowdrying this product into the hair will help it hold it's shape, and finishing each section off with a flat brush and some hair spray will ensure it doesn't move all night. Top it off with a light mist shine spray for that glass-like effect.

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Bangs, please

Bangs are a statement and style all on their own. Micro bangs, curtain bangs, or even a blunt fringe -- there's no wrong way to go this time of year. All bangs are a timeless yes in our books for the season.

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Icy White Curls

If you're already rocking bleach blonde strands, this is the time of year to ask your colorist to go icy white. It's an easy transition from where you're at that you can easily bounce back from when the snow clears away. There's no time like the present.

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Tight Half-Up

A sleek and chic tightened half-up style is great to show off those holiday earrings or the shoulder cleavage accentuated from your little black dress.

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