10 Festive Outfits to Wear With Your Partner During the Holidays

Two models wearing velvet sets from Loud Bodies

Loud Bodies

The holiday season is upon us once again. It's a time for seeing loved ones, making precious memories, and attending every social event under the sun. If you're spending the season with a partner, you'll most likely be spending a lot of time together, from going to the parent’s house for dinner to rocking the New Year’s Eve party. If you're into matching pajamas for a cute photo op or just want to be a little coordinated, we have the looks that’ll make you the #couplegoals at all of your events.

Need a little inspiration? Below are ten different outfits that you and your plus one can rock this holiday season—for every occasion you may have.

Sweater Together

Of course, we can’t have a holiday outfit without mentioning the ultra-popular “ugly sweater” trend that constantly appears during the holiday season. Whether you wear them while doing your favorite holiday activities or just put them on while making cheesy TikTok videos, sweaters are an easy way to match and look good in the process.

Family Dinner Look

However, if you don’t want to become that couple, you can also keep it simple by choosing one coordinating color to wear on a shirt or a dress to make you put together without trying too hard. It's the blend of sophisticated and casual for attending family dinners.

Matching Patterns

You can also keep the flow of your look by wearing the same pattern. It doesn’t even need to be holiday themed. Simply choose a pattern you both love and figure out how to style it. From a head-to-toe look to a simple dress, everyone in the room will know that you came here together—they are your perfect match after all.

Cozy Up At Night

Is there anything more fun than dressing up in matching holiday Pajamas? Holiday pajamas are super cute, come in many different patterns, and are so easy to put together. Whether you’re just chilling out at home or posting your look on Instagram, keep it casual and comfy.

Wrapped in Velvet

Another way to create a matching outfit look is by wearing the same fabric or texture of clothing. And who doesn’t love velvet in the winter? It’s perfect for any and all holiday occasions—whether you’re bringing your love to the office holiday party or having a fun get-together with friends, you’ll be stealing the show.

Naughty and Nice

While most of us tend to dress up during the holiday season, don’t be afraid to dress all the way down to your underwear as well. Make your matching look extra intimate as you match your bottom half with your better half.

Winter Whites

While most people stick to the traditional winter colors of red, green, gold, and blue during the holidays, mix it up a little by wearing a matching all-white outfit. Whether you’re going to a big holiday event or a date night just for two, this is a memorable look you'll want to wear year after year.

Together as Onesie

Go one step further with your matching pajamas with matching onesies. Onesies are an easy and cozy way to match this holiday season, and you can even grab a matching look for your pup. Just try not to get your onesies mixed up in the wash.

All Glammed Up

From slumber parties to holiday parties, take one more opportunity to get all dressed up with your loved one and really hit the town. Show off how you make each other sparkle with glimmer sequin outfits that help you shine as a couple.

New Year’s Eve

End the year with one final date night as you get ready to celebrate the start of a new year. Go all out with starry-eyed outfits that will surely turn some heads. Whether you wear a star-patterned dress or a constellation-inspired tux, your outfits will be out of this world. Get ready to dazzle the night away and celebrate with a kiss at midnight. Alexa, play “New Year’s Day” by Taylor Swift.

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