Byrdie Readers From Canada to Egypt Tell Us Their Holiday Wish Lists

Here at Byrdie HQ, we have a healthy and consistent thirst to know what products people are currently loving on and lusting over 24/7. Not surprisingly, that unquenchable curiosity only intensifies during the holiday season. (Can you say covetable holiday gift sets?) Beauty offerings become more enticing during the holidays, and our bank accounts prepare to dwindle in anticipation of the presents we plan to gift our fellow product-lovers in addition to the beauty-centric presents we kind of sort of just want to gift ourselves. Is that a crime?!

Even though we wholeheartedly believe in the satisfaction of treating ourselves to the makeup and skincare fare we've been eyeing for months, another option is, of course, to subtly suggest our lists of bottles, tubes, and jars to the loved ones in our lives who just might need gifting suggestions. (We firmly believe one is never too old to have a running holiday wish list.) Even though we've been honing our own holiday most-wanted roster for months now, we're also curious to know which beauty products women all around the world have their hearts set on this winter. Our lists are always open to more covetable ideas, after all! So we went ahead and took to social media to ask Byrdie readers from all around the globe what they want this year for the holidays. Ahead, 18 in-demand beauty products you'll want to ask for stat. Keep scrolling for endless inspiration!