It's Here: The 2018 Byrdie-Approved Holiday Beauty Gift Guide

The thought of the impending holiday gifting season presents a double-edged sword of sorts. On the one hand, there's nothing we love more than searching our favorite beauty and wellness brands high and low for their most extra and lust-worthiest offerings. But on the other hand, our list of all-time favorite brands and products is sky-high in volume. Therefore, conducting a thorough investigation (and then crafting an even more thorough shopping list) can feel daunting. This year, however, we decided to hit the ground running to come up with the ultimate holiday gift guide for 2018 sooner rather than later. And yes, it's finally here.

Finding beauty and wellness fodder that could bring even the most buttoned-up product lover to their knees, we've carefully combed through offering after offering with the intention of crafting the seasonal shopping list of all seasonal shopping lists. Whether you're brainstorming for hair, makeup, or wellness lovers, we totally have your back. Ready? Keep scrolling for the 19 hair, makeup, and skincare products (plus so much more) that deserve a sparkling spot on every beauty-obsessed shopper's want list. Oh, and we recommend grabbing something with a triple shot of caffeine. You're going to want to start your shopping efforts ASAP.