H&M's Newest Beauty Launch: Easy on the Planet, Easier on Your Wallet



Considering the wild success of H&M's newish beauty section and its eco-friendly Conscious Collection on the fashion side, perhaps it was only a matter of time until those worlds collided. And sure enough, that day is here: The company just announced that it will soon be rolling out its first organic beauty collection, a 30-piece lineup completely free of parabens, silicones, GMOs, and synthetic dyes and fragrances. The sleek, minimalist packaging is completely sustainable too.

Oh—and if that's not enough, everything is less than $13. No big.

When products start appearing in stores this week (!), you'll find everything from aluminum-free deodorant to a face and body oil. Reps for H&M say that they don't expect the entire range to be available until March—they'll be releasing it on a product-by-product basis—but doesn't that kind of make things more fun? (It's like one of those chocolate advent calendars, but with cosmetics.)

But we're mainly thrilled because while there are countless wonderful, planet-friendly beauty items on the market, the percentage that doesn't make us wince a little when we click "add to cart" is pretty small. Thank you, H&M, for recognizing that being green shouldn't cost so much green. 

In the meantime, get familiar with H&M's original beauty line: We love the Micellar Water ($6), the Tea Tree Acne Mask ($4), and the Lipstick Pencil ($7) for starters.

Are you excited about this announcement from H&M? What kind of eco-friendly products do you hope to see?