You Won't Believe How People Treated Acne in 1776 B.C.

We'd love it if there were a be-all, end-all acne treatment, but, truly, it all depends on the type of acne you have. For example, hormonal acne responds mostly to internal remedies (change in diet, probiotics, prescription pills), whereas bacterial acne caused by dirt, sweat, and oil is treated topically. But while today's acne treatments are streamlined, easy to use, and sometimes even enjoyable (especially when they work quickly), that certainly hasn't always been the case.

Taking a dive through the many methods humans have employed to combat acne, we were shocked to learn of their remedies of choice, some of which are true head-scratchers. Below, we've compiled a timeline of the evolution of acne treatments that venture from strange to tame. Take a look below!