My Wife Noticed a Difference in My Skin 2 Weeks Into My Hims Skincare Routine

The brand provides a luxurious spa experience in the privacy of my own home.

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Hims products 1:1 ratio


  • Mild, luxurious aromas

  • Availability of doctor-recommended, prescription-strength anti-aging cream

  • Products for a full skincare routine are available

  • Vegan, cruelty-free, all-natural ingredients

  • Made for all skin types and skin tones

  • 10% discount on subscriptions for some Hims skincare products

  • Dermatologist-approved ingredients

  • Everyday moisturizer does not contain sun protection

  • No full-body lotion

  • Subscription discount is not available on every product



Hims products 1:1 ratio


If you’ve heard of Hims, it’s likely because back in 2017, the company pioneered discreet prescription erectile dysfunction treatment and DHT-blocking shampoo to help prevent hair loss. While this isn’t a Hims hair loss review or a Hims pills review, it’s important to note that the origins of the brand focused on helping men take better care of themselves and to feel more confident with and within their bodies. Hims skincare is the natural extension of this ideal.

For too long, men have been taught that being tough means avoiding difficult realities and stubbornly deferring their own care and well-being for a multitude of reasons and perhaps even stigmas. In this Hims review, you’ll come to learn how men can quickly, easily, and effortlessly treat their skin with high-quality products, including custom-formulated, prescription-strength, science-backed, and doctor-recommended Hims skincare. 

Like most men of a certain age, I too willfully neglected my skin. It simply wasn’t a concern. I had my bar of soap, and later, bottles of body wash, and that was that. No lotion touched my skin, and I am fairly certain I didn’t properly wash my face for the first four decades of my life. It wasn’t until I remarried in my mid-40s, falling in love with a woman with immaculate skin who, like Yoda, taught me her ways, that I discovered face wash, and in doing so, the concept of washing one’s face as a separate and essential activity in the shower. Wash your face, you shall!

With the full lineup of Hims skincare, guys can get a daily glow-up with a vitamin C serum, take on the effects of getting older with anti-aging cream, get their acne under control, and protect their face from the harmful effects of the sun with SPF 50+ sunscreen.

How I Tested Hims

Hims products for review

Jeff Bogle / Byrdie

After buying three key elements from the Hims skincare line (an anti-aging cream, everyday moisturizer, and daily cleanser), I tested the Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream nightly, and the other two products twice daily for two full weeks before writing this Hims review. In doing so, I created a Hims skincare regimen that served to ground me in a meaningful routine to start and finish each day.

My wife says that my face feels smoother and I can see a gleam when I look in the mirror after I rinse off the face wash and apply the moisturizer. This has resulted in a boost in confidence, as I feel fresh and refreshed and smell great thanks to the High Tide Hydrating Daily Cleanser’s green tea extract and the shea butter in the moisturizer—it’s as if I’ve just walked out of a luxurious spa. All this is accomplished after just a few moments of self-care in my own bathroom. 

In order to review Hims, I considered the price, scents, and the time it would take for me to feel different mentally and for my skin to look and feel better, and whether or not the Hims skincare routine was easy enough to continue fitting into my daily schedule.

How Does Hims Work?

With the full lineup of Hims skincare, every man—regardless of skin type or tone—can ensure his face is clean and moisturized every day and night, glowing with the vitamin C his skin needs, tightened with anti-aging cream, and protected with SPF 50+ sunscreen. But no Hims review would be complete without acknowledging the opportunity for a free consultation with a licensed medical provider to receive doctor-recommended products like a wrinkle cream with prescription-strength ingredients like tretinoin. With a Hims skincare subscription, products are delivered to your door on a schedule to make maintaining your healthy skin even easier, with no fuss or extra effort required. While you are able to simply select, buy, and even subscribe to Hims skincare products without professional consultation, you will want to begin your Hims experience with a free chat with a clinician.

Hims ordering process

Jeff Bogle / Byrdie

Through secure messages, privately exchanged between you and them, you’ll have the chance to ask questions about the prescription-strength products in the Hims skincare lineup. During my consultation, I shared my preexisting medical condition (high blood pressure), the medicine I’m allergic to (codeine), and my goals for the skincare treatment regimen I was looking to begin (reduce lines and the overall effects of aging on my 47-year-old face).

The board-certified internal medicine physician I was chatting with on the Hims website took all this information into consideration to recommend an aging compound formula containing three different medications that will help with fine lines and dark aging spots. The first is tretinoin, a retinoid that’s a form of vitamin A, to help bring new, healthy skin cells to the surface and boost collagen production. This creates a firming effect that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The second medication in the Hims skincare anti-aging wrinkle cream is niacinamide, which helps skin firm up, retain moisture, and look smooth. The third and final medication the physician told me about was azelaic acid, an ingredient that brightens hyperpigmentation like dark spots and acne scars, as well as reduces redness and inflammation. The doctor suggested I start treatment with a low dose of tretinoin since tretinoin will cause some transient irritation and burning in the first few weeks. Once my skin gets used to the ingredient, the plan would be to increase the dosage to medium and high.

Hims Cost

The Hims skincare pricing is competitive and in line with—even less expensive than—products of similar high quality and size. For example, a one-time purchase of the 6.8-fluid-ounce pump bottle of High Tide Hydrating Daily Cleanser is $15, with bimonthly subscriptions available at 10% off that price. The nonprescription hydrating Goodnight Wrinkle Cream runs $24 for one fluid ounce, and the daily face moisturizer is $18 for the same size. While this may, at first glance, seem expensive for what might sound like a relatively small amount of product, you only actually use a dime size of the cream each evening and the same amount of the moisturizer in the morning. Essentially, the one-ounce bottles could last a month or more.

Whether you opt for a one-time purchase or a recurring subscription, buying Hims skincare products can be framed as an investment in your skin and self. The products I am using are proving to be both outwardly effective in providing non-greasy hydration and a kind of armor against the creeping lines of aging, and internally satisfying from a mentality and self-esteem standpoint. Hims skincare can provide guys just like me with boosts of confidence that are harder to come by as we age because we can know that our skin will be able to hold the line against the cruel effects of time. It can be hard to put a price on how important that is, but for me, Hims skincare is worth the cost of $65 for the three products I am using. The price of each individual skincare product is in line with other brands’ creams, washes, and moisturizers of similar quality, reputation, and size.

After conducting this Hims review, I’m convinced that thanks to the luxurious, low-key aroma, the overall effectiveness of the products, and the stylish bottling and packaging shipped in recyclable boxes, Hims is worth every penny to help me and all men take better care of our skin.

Delivery and Packaging

Hims Box Package

Jeff Bogle / Byrdie

This isn’t a Hims hair loss review nor is it a Hims pills review, yet I imagine the packaging and delivery are equally as discreet and swift. My three Hims skincare products arrived in one simple, unassuming brown box, with nothing more than a modestly sized “Hims” printed on one side of the package. Inside the box, the thick brown paper kept the bottles from rolling around and bumping against each other in transit. There was no extraneous plastic inside, and the brown paper and box were all able to be recycled. 

Delivery of my Hims skincare products was swift. I placed my order on a Friday morning and everything was shipped via DHL later that afternoon, arriving at my door on Tuesday at 10:05 a.m.

Quality and Ease of Use

Because I do not suffer from acne or dark spots, and wasn’t comfortable with the possibility of some irritation and burning (although I am aware that this is the standard language associated with so many skincare products), I ultimately chose not to proceed with the prescription anti-aging cream. I messaged this to the doctor, and he quickly replied, understanding my decision. He kindly pointed me in the direction of the Hims over-the-counter anti-aging Goodnight Wrinkle Cream with a direct link to learn more about that product. It’s vegan and paraben-free and also contains dermatologist-approved ingredients. I added the cream to my order, along with the High Tide Hydrating Daily Cleanser that features ingredients like hyaluronic acid, squalene, and green tea extract, plus the shea butter-infused everyday face moisturizer that is free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfate. All the correct products for my Hims review arrived three days later and, following the simple instructions printed on each bottle, I excitedly began using them that same day. 

Hims cleanser in hand

Jeff Bogle / Byrdie

The results after the first couple of weeks of regular use are noticeable and extremely exciting. The wrinkles on the edges of my eyes, while undeniably still there, are less dramatic, with a new and subtle smoothness. Also, the tone of my skin is warmer, with a richer complexion that has me looking more alive since using Hims skincare on my face. It’s noticeable enough that I’m receiving frequent compliments from people who know me well and see me often, in real life and on social media, as well as those who don’t. I look younger than my 47 years, sprier, and healthier too, they say. 

To be honest, it can sometimes be hard to see all that in myself, but I do like the way I look when I stare back at my face in the bathroom mirror after washing my face and moisturizing it each morning and before bed. I feel better about my appearance overall and find myself heading into each day with more confidence, and strangely, with better posture as a result. So maybe, indirectly, Hims skincare will help with my chronically sore back too!

Who’s Hims Good For?

Because Hims skincare is designed, balanced, and made for all skin types and skin tones, the wrinkle and acne creams, face wash, moisturizer, everyday sunscreen, and a vitamin C serum is good for any and every man who cares a lot about his face, as well as men who are just now coming to learn about the importance of skincare. The professional consultations and prescription products also ensure that you can target your desired skin goals as well.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to a focused yet expansive full lineup of Hims skincare products, guys can wash up twice daily, get their daily glow-up with its Vitamin C Serum, take on the effects of getting older with anti-aging cream, fight the battle against acne, and protect their skin from the harmful effects of the sun with SPF 50+ sunscreen, all while smelling great and seeing their face shine as it rolls back the years. I will be continuing with my Hims skincare routine long after writing this Hims review because of the relative affordability of the products, their quality, aroma, and the positive impact they are having on my appearance, mentality, and overall well-being. 

At 47 years old, I know that if I want to keep my face and skin looking as clean and dapper as possible, I can’t go it alone. Hims skincare is proving to be an effective partner in the effort to maintain some semblance of a youthful appearance and energized attitude about life in general. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the three products I tested for this Hims review (and still use today) to any of my guy friends.

  • How Long Do I Have to Use the Product to See Results?

    Each person’s experience will vary, but I began seeing results after only a few days of twice-daily use of Hims skincare.

  • Do I Have to Subscribe to Get Hims Products?

    You do not have to subscribe. You are able to buy all Hims skincare products—from the doctor-recommended prescription wrinkle cream to the SPF 50+ sunscreen, and everything in between—as a one-off purchase.


  • Price $15–$58
  • Free shipping? Only on prescriptions
  • Delivery frequency: As frequent as monthly
  • No. of items per shipment: Varies
  • Product size: 1 fluid ounce, 6.8 fluid ounces

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