This Holistic, Little-Known Immunity Supplement Is My New Favorite Thing


Tanya Akim

Tension and fears around COVID-19 are at an all-time high. Are you washing your hands? Did you just touch your face? Should these straws be left out in the open like this? Did you wash your hands before you texted me?

With the growing fears of a pandemic plummeting the stock market and sending panicked patrons to the supermarket for milk and toilet paper, anxiety is practically everywhere you turn. Even I’m being quarantined right now because my neighbor in L.A. is being treated for the novel coronavirus after a work trip to Italy. Luckily, there are practical things to do to keep your immunity up during this trying time. 

Let’s talk about vitamins and products. For quick immune support, I’ve been taking Hilma supplements. A new brand that aims to clean up your medicine cabinet with a holistic approach, Hilma promotes natural remedies to OTC products, all backed by science. Have you felt intimidated by the enormous amount of info around herbs? You’re not alone. I’m really particular about supplements. I’ve been using holistic approaches towards most things that ail me (besides champagne during a shame spiral), so I’m confident and picky about my choices. Hilma has a scientific advisory board filled with MDs, PhDs, and herbalists who sign off on their products (there are currently three). They also run clinical trials, which I think is pretty damn cool (and necessary) for a vitamin company.

Their Immune Support supplement comes in a packet like Theraflu. I mix it with hot water and drink it in the morning or at night before bed. It’s packed with vitamin C (in the form of Camu Camu), echinacea, zinc, ginger, turmeric, and ivy extract—plus , it’s delicious. Unlike other drink mixes for immunity, Hilma’s Immune Support drink only has one gram of sugar.

Vitamin C has long-been lauded for its immune system support and defense capabilities. Two years ago, Anitra Carr, a pathologist from New Zealand, published a scientific study on vitamin C and immune function. Studies showed that vitamin C supported the body’s barrier against pathogens. Carr also concluded that deficiency in vitamin C led to impaired immunity and a higher likelihood of infections. Vitamin C is water soluble, so you can’t take too much of it, but if you do take more than 4000 to 5000mg, you’ll be sure to have an upset stomach.

The conclusion is clear: Our parents and the internet haven’t been lying to us for all of these years. Vitamin C is a vital tool to strengthen immune function, and this new holistic supplemen from Hilma is my new favorite way to get my daily dose.

For other ways to protect yourself from unwanted germs try one of these preventative measures I swear by:

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Purifying Heater + Fan

Invest in an air purifier. Like Dyson says, germs don’t stop at your front door. Plus, you’ll breathe better than ever before.

LivOn Labs Lypospheric Vitamin C

Anthony William, best-selling author, medical medium, and guy who invented the celery juice trend, told me about these Vitamin C jelly packets. This fat-soluble formula is a miracle. I’ve taken this four times a day when I was getting a cold, and it cut my symptoms off right at the knees. 

Dickenson’s Witch Hazel Wipes

Witch hazel has natural anti-microbial properties. Hand sanitizer is in high-demand. Keep these travel toilettes with you, especially when traveling on germy planes.

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