The Perfect Summer Makeup Tutorial, Featuring Joey Maalouf and Hillary Kerr

There's Batman and Robin, Bonnie and Clyde, Thelma and Louise, Barack and Joe—all iconic duos to be sure. But may we suggest you familiarize yourself with another iconic duo: Hillary Kerr and Joey Maalouf. Kerr is the co-founder of Clique Brands and Maalouf is a celebrity hairstylist, makeup artist, and co-founder of The Glam App, so being that they're both in the fashion and beauty space, it's only natural that their paths crossed, but fate undoubtedly brought them together.

"I honestly don't remember how Joey and I met, though I do know we had a mutual friend in Rachel Zoe," reminisces Kerr. "So I'm going to give her credit for our meet-cute. I do know that we were friendly, liked each other, and worked together for a few years before our friendship really took the plunge. Our friendship tipping point was Paris Fashion Week in September 2012. He was there with Rachel and her husband, Rodger, and I was there with Katherine [Ed. Note: Katherine Power, Clique Brands co-founder] and her husband, Justin. The logistics meant that Joey and I were often left to our devices, which resulted in the two of us drinking rosé champagne in the lobby of the Meurice together every day at 5 p.m. and quietly freaking out over the fact that Kate Moss was always at the next table doing the same thing. Hilarity ensued, and when we made it back to L.A., things were just ON."

The energy the pair radiate is palpable within seconds of being in their presence, so when the idea sparked of having the two film a makeup tutorial for Byrdie, we knew we'd be in for a treat. In the below video, Maalouf creates Kerr's signature bronze makeup, sharp cat eye, and coral lip, and, as expected, hilarity ensues.

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