Our Co-Founder Doesn't Wear Foundation or Concealer—She Wears This Instead

Hillary Kerr, co-founder of Clique Brands (and Byrdie!), self-identifies as "lazy." She oversees a burgeoning media company and consumer brand division, hosts a killer podcast called Second Life by MyDomaine, and is a new mom to baby Clark, yet "lazy" is an adjective she's somehow attached to herself. To recap from five seconds ago: company, podcast, baby. Oh, and weekly LEKFit classes. But lazy? Certainly not.

In fairness, she professes this as she shares her favorite beauty products in our latest installment of Just Five Things, so like many of us, she's listless as it relates to her beauty routine, but with that come nuggets of time-strapped beauty wisdom (like a mascara that curls your lashes for you and a styling product that replaces your hot tools). So what Kerr sees as lazy, we see as innovative and efficient, and for that, we thank her. To learn what these time-saving products are (among other must-own products), hit the play button on the video below.