The $4 Body Product Hilary Duff "Love, Love, Loves"


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My knowledge of, and admiration for, Hilary Duff runs deep. I think anyone who grew up in the late '90s and early aughts has a place in their hearts for her. I watched Lizzie McGuire every single day after school. Images of hair crimps and butterfly clips and makeup glitter and eye shadow run through my memory like a highlight reel of my childhood. I've watched her go from teen Disney sensation to singer on MTV to mother and back to actress with her roles on Gossip Girl and now Younger.

I didn't want to bring that up, necessarily, when we sat down to talk over the phone—you never know what topics celebrities will want to leave in the past. I wanted to be respectful of someone who has been in the business for as long as she has. But Duff doesn't have qualms about where she came from. She brought up Lizzie McGuire within the first few minutes of our conversation. She was so startlingly similar to the person I perceived her to be all these years, thanks in part to the fact that she's been able to bring so much of herself to her cult-favorite characters, she told me.

Below, find her thoughts on using fitness for happiness, pregnancy, motherhood, and beauty products. I think you'll find she's everything you thought she was all these years too.

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