Do THIS Before Applying Bronzer for Your Most Natural Glow Ever

An unnaturally tanned face might even rank higher than an orange faux glow on our beauty no-no list—and nothing is worse than realizing after you put on the rest of your makeup that you went overboard with the bronzer. But there's a simple trick to guarantee a lighthanded, natural-looking application every time: Simply switch up your usual steps and apply bronzer after highlighter, rather than vice-versa.

Karen at Makeup & Beauty Blog clued us into this tip, which she learned from a Sephora pro. "When you do your contouring and bronzing before you highlight, it’s harder to gauge whether you’ve used the right amount," she explains. "It’s like when you wear a bright lip and do your blush. It helps to do your lipstick before applying your blush, because that way you can use your finished lip look as a reference for how much blush you should use."

Our bonus tip? Try bronzers and highlighters that come in a stick formula, like Ilia's Sway Illuminator ($34)—anything cream-based tends to be easier to eyeball and blend, which will also help to prevent a bronzing overdose.

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