This High-Tech Makeup Brush Cleaner Uses UV Light to Kill Germs, and We Want It

There's no single aspect of the makeup brush cleaning process that we can pinpoint as being particularly taxing, but we still dread it. It's kind of like how we feel when we have to wash our faces after a night out. We're tired, and we'd rather just head straight to bed. We know we should wash our faces, but that doesn't mean we want to. Alas, just like an unwashed face can lead to dull skin and breakouts, unwashed brushes can negatively affect the look of your makeup and the overall health of your skin. In other words, no matter how much you may want to put it off, it's necessary to get it done.

Even if you know that to be true, it seems that almost everyone fails to cleanse their brushes as often as they should (like we said, people dread it). That's why once a week, we reach for easy-to-use products like Sigma SigMagic Brushampoo Foam ($15) and the accompanying Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat ($25), which make the cleansing process seem less like a chore. The foam and scrubbing mat quickly wash away any existing dirt, makeup, or other gunk that finds its way onto our tools. It's only then that we feel confident enough to put our brushes back in contact with our skin.

Pretty soon though, this traditional cleansing method might be obsolete thanks to Brushean. This new company has just kicked off a Kickstarter campaign for a new smart device that cleanses beauty tools using UV light. All you have to do is put your brushes into the device's container and press a button. In five minutes, they're clean and ready to be used again.