These High-Protein, Low-Carb Snacks Are Nutritionist-Approved

Planning and preparing healthy meals is one of the most—if not the most—popular topics of conversation throughout the wellness world. There are hundreds of tips and tricks and recipes to help weekly meal prep go smoothly. There isn't so much in terms of advice, however, when it comes to planning and preparing healthy snacks. That's ironic considering most of us snack at least once a day every day, and what we choose to eat has the power to influence the rest of our dietary choices over time, not to mention our long-term energy levels and general sense of well-being. 

We know to steer clear of anything that has been heavily processed or filled with preservatives (no, that bag of salty chips you snagged from the office's communal food drawer doesn't count as a viable afternoon snack). Beyond that, though, we don't have much direction. Should we go for something simple, like a piece of fruit? Or should we make it easy by investing in a box of healthy nut bars that we can grab and go? When it comes down to it, what we really want to know is whether or not there's a universal set of rules for crafting the perfect healthy snack. We were without an answer, which is why we decided to reach out to a few experts. Keep scrolling to see what they recommend eating (and when) to keep you satiated between meals. Healthy snack foods for the win.