The World's Most Famous Piercer Says This is an Upcoming Trend

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Maria Tash

It's funny how trends come and go—whether it's makeup trends like matte lips and glossy lids, or fashion trends like pointy-toed shoes and strappy sandals. The same cyclical trends happen in the world of piercings: Currently, it's the high-lobe piercing that's the look du jour. "It's a fun placement without the commitment of the upper-ear cartilage," Maria Tash tells us. "It's known as 'vertically paired' or the 'stacked-lobe' piercing," she says.

Meet the Expert

Maria Tash is a luxury professional piercer and jewelry designer with her flagship store based in New York City. She has worked with a long list of celebrity clients including Beyoncé, Blake Lively, and Rihanna.

Tash believes the root of the trend actually comes from a place of troubleshooting. "[It's] a fix for poor placement of traditional lobe piercings that may have been done with an ear-piercing gun, but has really become a popular choice for those that just want something fun." Keep reading for everything you want to know about getting a high-lobe piercing.

Is it more painful than a traditional lobe piercing?

"No more than any other piercing when performed by a professional," Tash explains. "Maybe there's a little discomfort, but it's soon forgotten when you've seen the end result." Because it's in almost the same place as a traditional lobe piercing, it should feel about the same.

Is it possible to get a high lobe piercing above an existing piercing or is it better for the positioning to have both at the same time?

"Definitely," states Tash. "As long as there's the space, we can make it work."

Who looks good with a high lobe?

"Anyone, as long as it's suitable for your ear," Tash says. She elaborates: "Anatomy is the biggest factor here. Also, consider space in relation to existing piercings. Some people only have tiny lobes, and it may not be possible."

How long does it typically take to heal?

"On average, lobe piercings take two to four months to heal," she tells us. As far as piercings go, this is a relatively short amount of time.

Is it painful to sleep on?

"While we don't encourage clients to sleep on fresh piercings, if you're taking good care of your new piercing, you may not even notice them."

Do you pierce with a bar or hoop?

"Generally, for the upper placement, I'd encourage a stud-style piece of jewelery, but the lower can look great with a stud or ring," Tash recommends. This isn't to cramp your style; it's to minimize tugging on and irritation of the new piercing. "Once fully healed, a larger-diameter ring could be placed in the upper piercing."

What does the aftercare involve?

"Gently cleanse your fresh piercing with a sterile saline during with your daily shower. That's all that's needed," says Tash. You can pick up saline solution at your local drugstore or on Amazon.

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