The Water Bottle of the Future Is Here, and People Are Freaking Out

Why is it so hard to drink more water throughout the day? I, like apparently a lot of people, am a chronic under-drinker of water. Sometimes I go six hours without drinking a single sip of the stuff. I look up and realize, Oops, haven’t had any water today. It's gotten so bad that two friends at work have gifted me with water bottles—shiny, new, and colorful, and guess what? I don’t fill them. Which is why when I got word of HidrateMe, a high-tech new kind of water bottle that gently glows to remind you to refill it (how polite), I was more than intrigued. The item is generating a ton of buzz, and while all it needed to reach its goal was $35,000, it has already made more than $219,000 on Kickstarter (Did you read that number right? Over $200,000)—six times more than what it requested! Now that's a hot water bottle. Keep scrolling to read more about what is being called “the smartest water bottle ever.”