How to Make Your Pores Disappear With Makeup

Pores are the Kardashians of the beauty world—they don’t do much except exist, yet everyone is obsessed with them. Unlike the Kardashians, however, most people seem hell-bent on making their pores disappear. Bad news: Your pores can’t disappear (or even get smaller, for that matter). They can, however, look like they’ve disappeared, thanks to a good skincare regimen and a few key makeup techniques. (See? We’re not monsters.) We’re focusing on the latter today, with the help of Dior brand ambassador and celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin. Martin is responsible for the airbrushed complexions of the likes of Olivia Palermo, Elizabeth Moss, and Jessica Alba—in other words, you should probably start taking copious notes. And as for you, pores—see ya never (or only when we take off our makeup).

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