Here’s How To Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair Like a Pro

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Hair extensions have the power to completely revamp your hairstyle. Whether you opt for clip-in, tape-in, or sewn-in extensions, they can add length, volume, or thickness to short hairstyles. In other words: they can help you achieve the locks you've always dreamed of with minimal to low effort. However, extensions can be a bit tricky if you don't know how to properly install or maintain them—especially if you have short hair.

You see, placing extensions in the wrong spot or not properly caring for them will cause them to show (and maybe even fall out), defeating the entire purpose of having them in your hair in the first place. To help us understand how to expertly hide extensions in short hair, we turned to two experts for all of their tips, tricks, and advice. Ahead, discover everything you need to know about hiding extensions in very short hair like a pro.

Meet the Expert

  • Justine Marjan is a celebrity hairstylist and Great Lengths US brand ambassador.
  • Shelly Aguirre is a stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago.
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Go to a Stylist You Trust

Marjan and Aguirre recommend contacting a stylist you trust when determining what type of extensions to place into your hair. "If you're applying clip-in extensions yourself, make sure you take them to a stylist you trust to cut them, so they blend in with your natural hair," says Marjan. "This is the best way to ensure you can discreetly wear extensions."

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Make Sure Your Hair Is Long Enough

Truth be told: extensions won't work in all hair lengths—and a professional should share this with you during your consultation. "Your hair [should be] long or thick enough to hide the bonds and tracks," explains Aguirre. "The same as when a professional applies the extensions, if not even more so." Spend a bit of time growing out your hair before adding in extensions to make sure it's long enough.

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Customize Them

Another way to ensure extensions blend into your short hair is to customize them fully. This includes getting them cut, colored, and styled so that the application is seamless. If your extensions are the same length as your hair, they'll add fullness and volume and become virtually undetectable.

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Go for Smaller Bonds

One of the best ways to hide extensions in very short hair is to choose hair with smaller bonds. These will be simpler to apply on finer strands and blend seamlessly into short hair. Marjan suggests using the Great Length Keratin bond extensions for this. "They are easily customizable, so your stylist can cut the bonds to be small enough that they are undetectable in the hair," she says.

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Section Your Hair With Clips

Although Marjan and Aguirre recommend visiting a professional to get extensions, you can install them at home. To make the process easier, section off your hair with clips. "Putting extensions in your hair is possible but a bit difficult," explains Aguirre. "Sectioning is super important."

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Create Clean Parts

Aguirre says it's important to create clean parts while applying extensions. This will ensure you don't cause any unnecessary damage to your hair by placing the extensions in the wrong spots. The end of a comb or hair sectioning tool will work great for this.

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Don't Use Too Many Wefts

When it comes to shorter hair, the fewer wefts you use, the better. An entire head of hair extensions may be too much for shorter or thinner hair types. If you want the extensions to blend effortlessly, you should speak to your stylist and choose a smaller number of wefts that will look good with your hair.

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Be Precise With Color

Color is the easiest way to detect extensions in shorter hair. If you want your extensions to stay concealed, work with a stylist to color match your extensions.

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Manage Your Expections

It's essential to manage your expectations about how your extensions will look. "The biggest challenge I have as an extension specialist is to manage clients' expectations," says Aguirre. While extensions can add volume, length, and body, shorter hair will likely have limitations.

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