Reviewed: Hidden Crown Extensions Salvaged My Bad Haircut


Hidden Crown Extensions

Byrdie editor Lindsey Metrus wearing Hidden Crown Hair Extensions
Lindsey Metrus

Hidden Crown Extensions

Byrdie editor Lindsey Metrus wearing Hidden Crown Hair Extensions
Lindsey Metrus

We all have a very personal relationship with our hair and a vision of how we perceive it to look its best. So when we have a bad hair day, a bad cut, or a situation that's transformed our hair into the opposite of what we want it to be, it can mess with our inner confidence. I've been quite comfortable in my hair because it was always the same: long, layered, and, come college, artificially blonde in places (see picture above). But after deciding to take off a sizable amount of length, the aplomb I was accustomed to had dissolved. Enter Hidden Crown extensions, a product that ultimately took my mane from drab to fab.

What We Like
  • A hundred percent highest-grade human hair

  • Easy to use

  • Perfectly matches your hair

What We Don't Like
  • It is an investment

Hidden Crown extensions turned my once-dreaded chop into the long hair of my dreams.

Hidden Crown Extensions

Uses: Lengthening hair, fixing hair disasters, adding dimension to hair

Price: $200—$520

Best Features: Customizable

Star Rating: 4/5

About the brand: Hidden Crown offers a variety of extensions using 100 percent human hair, allowing you to still style as your own hair.

About My Hair

Let's bring it back: The start of a new season gave me the urge to get what I call "The Olivia Munn," or a fun, textured lob. I impulsively called a salon I was somewhat familiar with, booked an appointment with whoever stylist was available, and watched as long pieces of my dirty-blonde hair fell around me. Considering how polarizing of a change this was, I was oddly serene and excited about the result.

So when the stylist passed me the mirror to check out my new chop from all angles, I told her how much I loved it, even though I was pretty dissatisfied. I chalked it up to her not styling it the way I wanted to and decided I'd play with it once I got home until it was a bit more Munn-esque. But as I walked home, I caught a glimpse of myself in a store window and started to panic. I hated it.

When I walked through my apartment door, my boyfriend could read the immense regret all over my face. I disappeared into the bathroom for a half-hour while I wielded my Ghd curling iron, wrapping small sections in opposing directions around my head and misting my roots with Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. I also worked a bit of V76 Molding Paste throughout the mid-length and ends by warming it up against my palms and sliding my hands through section by section. After zhushing and tossing my hair around, I finally liked it. In fact, I was starting to love it—so much that a series of selfies commenced (photo evidence below).

Initially, I felt validated. But as the weeks wore on, I fell out of love with my new short hair—hard. My only hope of having my length back was to get hair extensions, something I've never tried before but felt like would act as the perfect Band-Aid for my situation.

The Results

Hidden Crown extensions are made of 100 percent Remy human hair (the highest-grade human hair on the market) that comes on one large track with a fishing line–type wire that circles around the top. The invisible wire means you can add length and thickness without the addition of glue, tape, or stitching. The ease of use makes them a solid choice for those looking to transform a sad 'do. "The Crown extension is a great, damage-free fix for a bad haircut," says Jasmine Okougbo, executive manager at Hidden Crown. "You can instantly add length, volume, or both within seconds." 

A photo of Byrdie editor Lindsey Metrus before applying Hidden Crown hair extensions
A photo of Byrdie editor Lindsey Metrus after applying Hidden Crown hair extensions
Lindsey Metrus

How to Use

To apply them, you simply place the "halo" around the top of your head and then use the accompanying rattail comb to pull your own hair out around the top. "The wire and microbead work as a pulley system that adjusts to all head sizes," says Okougbo. "Starting at one side, pull the top half of your hair up and over the extension. Continue pulling the top half of your hair up and over the extension around your head. Then, style to blend with your hair." (Take a look at this demonstration by celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan to see the process in action).

As far as care goes, the brand recommends you only wash them when necessary, or every two to four months. Admittedly, even after over two months without washing them, mine remained fresh as a daisy. I didn't wear them every day, though, so I'm sure if they saw more daylight, I'd have given them a rinse. When you do clean them, it's recommended to use a sulfate-free shampoo and a hydrating conditioner, and then hang them dry or lay them flat on a towel.

Styling products are discouraged from being used directly on the extensions, though I've found that they hold a curl incredibly well, so I don't even need to use hairspray. If I want to use product on my actual hair, though, I'll do so first before applying the extensions. When I take them out each night (don't sleep in your extensions!), I give them a gentle brushing if needed and then place them in the bag they came in or hang them on a hanger, which is also provided.

The Design

Since I knew I wanted the halo design (no fussing with clips or glue), the next step was choosing my color and desired length. Instead of using the company's color chart, I sent a picture of the back of my head to a representative (something you can do, too!), and they mailed me 12 inches of my absolute perfect hair match with highlights and all. The fishing line is adjustable, so I pulled it until the hair laid just where I wanted it and trimmed the excess wire. Once on my head, I styled it as I normally would with a curling iron section by section. All in all, the styling process took about 10 to 15 minutes. When I took a final look in the mirror, I instantly felt a huge jolt of confidence—like I was myself again.

When I took a final look in the mirror, I instantly felt a huge jolt of confidence—like I was myself again.

As Okougbo notes, Hidden Crown extensions come in handy for a range of hair disasters (aside from a bad cut). "You can hide split ends, or lengthen a blunt cut," she says. "Another use of the Crown Extension is to add dimension or color to your hair, without the damage of bleaching and dye."

The Value

The 12-inch extensions are $275, which is a bit pricey but considering regular extensions require so much upkeep whereas Hidden Crown extensions can last up to a year, I think they're a worthy investment. Plus, there's no damage to your natural hair.

Similar Products: You have options

Cashmere Hair Clip In Hair Extensions: Another high-quality option is Cashmere Hair Clip In Hair Extensions (starting at $165), which will give you volume and length without the commitment. Like Hidden Crown, they're crafted with Remy hair—and you can contact them for help finding the perfect shade match.

Bellami Classic Clip-In Hair Extensions: If you're looking to embrace serious length, Bellami Classic Clip-In Hair Extensions (starting at $159) might be your perfect match. In terms of length, the brand's styles range from 18 to 24 (!) inches, and they, too, are made from highly-coveted Remy hair.

Final Verdict

Above all, the ease with which I was able to regain confidence made choosing Hidden Crown an incredibly worthwhile decision that I'd recommend to anyone in a similar position—or someone just looking to change up their look.


  • Price $200.00

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