Introducing: The Drybar of Facials

It’s been a few years since the express blowout became a thing, but convenience still reigns as beauty industry trend numero uno. Need a manicurist? One will come to your apartment with just a few swipes on your smartphone, thanks to Glamsquad. How about taking your makeup look from office to date night without stopping at home? Blushington is the place to go for a quickie makeover. Skin Laundry has even made it possible to get a laser treatment on the fly.

So we probably could have predicted the arrival of Heyday, the NYC-based startup that’s all about express facials. With its first location in the Flatiron District, a handful of other New York locations next on the agenda, and expansion to other major cities (like Los Angeles) to follow, it’s clear that co-founders Michael Pollak and Adam Ross know that they’re hitting a certain corner of the market just before it explodes. Basically, you have your pick of a 30- or 50-minute treatment, which means you can completely reboot your complexion on your lunch hour, probably with time to spare.