These New Acne Strips Are the Bigger, Better Version of Pimple Patches

Today is the day. A brand-new acne treatment has launched, and it combines a buzzy Korean-inspired skincare innovation with an easy-to-use, no-nonsense approach. It's called the Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Surface. Let's rewind, though, and offer up some background before we wax poetic about this new product, shall we?

You may recognize the Hero Cosmetics name from the brand's wildly popular pimple patches, known simply as Mighty Patch ($13). These are thin and flexible anti-acne stickers that adhere to a lone blemish, treating it with a powerful hydrocolloid formula that extracts impurities and speeds up healing. They also discourage you from picking the blemish and making it worse. In other words, they're genius and the perfect product to turn to when you're in a pinch—for example, when you have a big event in a couple of days and a giant blemish that's roughly the size of Mount Kilimanjaro has sprouted on your chin. (We've been there.)