Herbivore Wants You to Choose Your Moisturizer According to Your Skin's Mood

Hydration here you come.

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When it comes to beauty routines, our skin type often dictates the products we use. If you have oily or combo skin you probably grab mattifying products and lightweight moisturizers. Dry skincare routines, on the other hand, are all about hydration and soothing redness. But, Herbivore’s newest launches just might change that.

The new Aquarius Pore Purifying Clarity Cream ($44) and the Pink Cloud Soft Moisture Cream ($44), are made for your skin’s mood—not just your skin type. The brand wants to shift away from thinking that skin types are static and move towards a mindset in which you use products for how your skin feels. We all have days (or months) when we're feeling oily and times when we're craving extra hydration. These products are built to hydrate the best way for what your skin needs in the current moment.

We asked Herbivore's head of product development Jenni Ewing to break it down for us. Read on to see what they had to say and for tips on choosing the right formula for your skin's mood.

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Herbivore Aquarius Pore Purifying Clarity Cream $44.00

Choosing Your Formula

So how do you know which formula is right for your skin's mood? Ewing explains that “the Aquarius Cream is going to be great for the oily, blemish-prone, combination [skin] clients, and then Pink Cloud is really more for that hydration and plumping.”

A few things affect your skin's mood and prompt you to reach for a different moisturizer—for example, the weather frequently plays a part. "When you’re in the dead of winter, your skin's going to be a little more chapped and a little tight. When you’re in humidity, it’s going to be very oily," she adds.

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Another major mood changer for skin is acne products and treatments. If you have acne, you could be using harsh skincare products to treat it, but you also "need these 'kind-to-skin' formulas that are really going to help soothe your skin and bring it back to life," the Herbivore team explains. "I think that’s how your skin evolves, and your skin emotions or skin mood evolves, and that’s when you customize day-to-day."

The Products

Here's what makes the Aquarius Pore Purifying Clarity Cream so good for moments when your skin feels oily or acne-prone: three powerhouse ingredients made to hydrate and gently exfoliate. Blue Tansy, which contains azulene that lends the moisturizer the bright blue color, calms irritation and inflammation without drying.

Willow Bark-derived salicylic acid, a natural BHA, gently exfoliates and reduces the look of pores. Zinc PCA adds moisture and balances excess sebum making it ideal for oilier skin days. The gentle exfoliant is safe to use with your other exfoliating products, Ewing explains. Think of it as an extra boost.

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Herbivore Pink Cloud Soft Moisture Cream $44.00

For dryer skin days and even full seasons (hello, winter), you'll want to try the new and improved Pink Cloud Soft Moisture Cream. The refreshed formula features an updated texture and dewy finish along with a preservative system. It is still a hydrating as ever, making it ideal for neutral to dry skin.

Key ingredients include tremella mushroom, a humectant that plumps and hydrates. Morrocan rose soothes and adds a natural scent. Vegan Squalane locks in moisture.

You can go the extra mile and layer on oil after moisturizing. To soothe irritated acne-prone skin, they recommend pairing Lapis Blue Tansy Face Oil ($72) or the Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil($48) with Aquarius. For Pink Cloud, layering on Phoenix Rosehip Anti-Aging Face Oil ($88) helps with dryness. Or pair with their favorite duo, Cloud Jelly Pink Plumping Hydration Serum ($48) and Orchid Antioxidant Beauty Face Oil ($64).

My Review

To get the most out of both moisturizers, I tried to use them according to my skin’s vibe. I found the Aquarius moisturizer was best for the daytime. Despite its thick texture, Aquarius absorbed pretty quickly and stayed matte on my combination skin. Also, a little goes a long way, and I could still layer on the sunscreen without feeling oily.

When my skin felt a little drier, I reached for Pink Cloud, which is a little heavier on the skin but ideal for nighttime and winter when I am layering on products to moisturize and lock everything in. Overall, I'm reaching for Aquarius more often lately because of the added benefit of keeping my hormonal skin in check, but I'll keep Pink Cloud on hand for drier days.

The Pink Cloud Soft Moisture Cream and Aquarius Pore Purifying Clarity Cream are available at Herbivorebotanicals.com and Sephora.com and in Sephora stores on July 30.

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