Jamaican Beauty Secrets Every Women Should Know


Marley Naturals

When I think of my version of nirvana, it's inevitably always relaxing on a tropical island, listening to music, and smelling the sweet scents of coconut and sunscreen everywhere I go. That, and the incredible people-watching: Women who live on the beach have a certain way about them—glowing, healthy skin being the most noticeable character trait of all.

So when I caught wind of Marley Natural, a body-care line that offers one-of-a-kind formulas from Jamaica, I had to find out more. It was created by the family of the late great reggae king Bob Marley and, as such, it's all about good vibes and the healing and transformative properties of one ingredient in particular. Each product contains cold-pressed hemp seed oil from an extraction process that captures its nourishing, nutrient-rich benefits in their purest form. The oil is blended with Jamaican botanicals, including greater burdock, lemongrass, turmeric, ginger, bitter kola nut, bitter melon, and guinea hen weed.

After trying the line in its entirety—it's incredible—I caught up with the brand's own Berrin Noorata to go over everything from the brand's mission, views on beauty, and even a few unknown Jamaican beauty secrets we all should know. Keep reading to find out how to effortlessly look like a goddess on the beach and everywhere else you may go.

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