The Makeup Version of IKEA Is Here, and We Couldn't be Happier

Hema stores review: Wildfox

You know that bit in IKEA at the end (before you get stuck into the meatballs) that contains every type of homeware paraphernalia you've ever dreamt of? You know, the bit where you end up bulk-buying five 15-piece Tupperware sets because you're now "going to make lunch every day and save yourself a tonne of money"? Well, I think I've just found the equivalent of that for beauty from a place called Hema.

Hema is a Dutch lifestyle shop that first opened in the UK in 2014. The store offers loads of different stuff, from homewares to food, but I recently got the chance to try out the beauty offering. And I was seriously impressed. The products rarely go over a £15 and they actually work. Foundations for £12, cheek stains for a fiver, plus everything is packaged beautifully. So as with IKEA, we want to bulk buy everything. Keep scrolling to shop the best pieces from Hema right now.

Hema stores makeup review: HEMA Lip and Cheek Stain in Coral
HEMA Lip and Cheek Stain in Coral $5

This is a pretty sheer stain in a pot. Ideal for when you need a quick pick-me-up post-work, pre-drinks.

Hema stores makeup review: HEMA Cuticle Oil
HEMA Cuticle Oil $4

Keep this pot on your desk to help your nails look their best. 

Hema stores makeup review: HEMA Kohl Pencil
HEMA Kohl Pencil $3

A good pigment for anyone who always needs a kohl stuffed in their bag.

Hema stores makeup review: HEMA Eyeshadow Mousse
HEMA Eyeshadow Mousse $4

Good enough to use as a highlighter too. 

Hema stores makeup review: HEMA CC Perfecting Foundation
HEMA CC Perfecting Foundation $12

In a range of nine shades from pale to dark, this foundation doesn't dry and gives a medium coverage. 

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