How to Style Bushy Brows

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As gorgeous as bushy brows can be, they can also be difficult to style at times. Some people with bushy eyebrows tend to want to get rid of their thickness, but most often, those with full brows are just looking for a way to shape them in a way to best suit their face—especially since thick, full brows have become quite the sought-after beauty trait.

The wonderful thing about full eyebrows is that you have so much to work with and can easily get them into your preferred shape or style with some trimming and possible hair removal. It's all up keeping up with the proper grooming and makeup routines. To get the scoop on how to shape thick eyebrows, we turned to makeup artist and brow expert Stevi Christine.

How to Groom Full Brows
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Keep reading for some expert advice on how to best style bushy eyebrows.

Meet the Expert

Stevi Christine is a celebrity makeup artist and brow expert. She is known for her signature "undone done" brow look and has been coined the "eyebrow fairy."

Determine Your Eyebrow Shape

The first thing you want to decide is how you want your eyebrows to look. "I can't express this enough—your natural shape is your best shape," says Christine. "Keep in mind that less is more! You only need a few tweaks." Determining the eyebrow shape is important so it matches the shape of your face. For example, square faces often look great with thicker brows that have high arches, while flat eyebrows with a low arch look great on longer face shapes. "If you have a round face, try to keep your brows on the fuller side with more structure and lift." Christine explains this add definition to your eyes and without making your face appear rounder. 

"If you have a small forehead, it’s a better idea to shape your eyebrows from the top," Christine explains. "Tweeze to create a bit more distance between the top of your forehead and brows. This will give an overall flattering appearance."

You want to start carefully and not go tweezer happy. It's best to work with the natural shape of your brow bone to achieve the ultimate shaped up look. When shaping your brows, it is critical to recognize where the brows begin and end, where the arch is, and how high the arch reaches. By utilizing these focal points, your brows up will be framed perfectly around your eyes.

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Comb and Trim Brows

Most often, it's the length that causes the undesired look, not the amount of actual hair, In that case, a trim is in order. "Trimming is a much harder task then tweezing especially if you don’t know what you’re doing," Christine says, adding that her technique involves trimming the brow hairs one-by-one. "This is a tedious task, I know, but you can do a lot of damage create holes and gaps even making the brows too short at the tail ends." If you decide to trim your brows at home, Christine suggests using an eyebrow brush or spoolie to comb the brows in the direction they lay naturally, then trim.

Trimming helps remove excess bulk, keeps brows in place, makes them appear lighter, and ultimately allows them to appear less bushy. If you want a very defined brow, trimming the excess length helps achieve that look. After the bulk is removed, you'll be able to see what hair, if any, needs to go. Removing the right amount of hair will give you the right shape and perfectly groomed look.

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Shape the Arch

Sometimes, trimming is all that's needed for men and women who want a very natural look. Women who want something more shaped up will have to do a little more work—especially for bushy eyebrows that need to get an arch in place. "Shaping an arch for a bushy brow is possible, but you want to make sure you don’t over-arch, meaning to take too much hair," explains Christine.

The first step is to find the start and end of your eyebrows so you can shape them into an arch. Then, you'll have a better idea of where to place the arch. Alternatively, you can use a ruler to the inner corner of your eye to determine this.

You can find out where your eyebrow starts by drawing an invisible line from the outer sides of the ball of your nose to your brows with a tweezer.

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Embrace Your Bushy Brows

Consider keeping your bushy eyebrows. Trends come and go with the season, but bushy eyebrows have made a comeback. Actresses like Cara Delevingne and models like Sophia Hadjipanteli and ​Natalia Castellar Calvani proudly show off their fierce and natural brow look. Shaping them can be tedious, especially if you have to do it yourself. If you're going to go down that path, it's important to relax and set the mood so you can do your eyebrows without stressing out.

If you have really bushy brows, and can't handle the maintenance, you may want to consider getting professional help. An eyebrow specialist can wax, thread, and/or pluck your eyebrows for you, saving you time, energy, and possible screams.

Shop Our Brow Grooming Picks

Of course, the right products can go a long way when it comes to grooming and styling bushy, hairy brows. Ahead, find a few of our favorites.

NATURALLY by Stevi Christine Detailed Eyebrow Definer
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A detailed brow pencil is ideal for making thin, hair-like strokes to fill in any sparse areas or gaps.

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This grooming kit comes with a pair of sharp stainless steel scissors made specifically for trimming your brows, along with a spoolie so you can comb your brow hairs accordingly during the trimming process.

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As far as styling goes, Christine loves a tinted brow for adding just a bit of color that helps tame the hairs. She loves Iconic London's Brow Silk & Brush, which is perfect for achieving her signature high fashion brow: the fluffy, effortlessly "undone done brow."

Stila Stay All Day® Waterproof Brow Color
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Christine is also a fan of Stila's brow pen, and has been for years. "The medium is a perfect brown," she says.

Benefit Cosmetics 24-HR Brow Setter Shaping & Setting Gel
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You can also use a brow gel to help tame your brows while maintaining a natural, imperfect arch. "It helps with that effortless bushy brow look," Christine says. Use a clear gel to tame the brows without intensifying their already thick appearance.

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