Exclusive: Helen Mirren on Aging, Confidence, and Mental Health

It's no secret that people are wrought with worry when it comes to aging. Even though it's literally just a number, there's a lot of dread (and many misconceptions) that surround it. For proof, just look to the skincare industry, where products are marketed as time-rewinding and youth-boosting miracle salves.

Although certain skincare ingredients are better for diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation than others, a single magical anti-aging formula doesn't exist (at least not yet). A solid skincare routine can prevent damage and lessen the appearance of age-related concerns, but it will only slow down the process. It won't stop it altogether. And that's totally okay. In fact, there's something empowering—almost freeing—about embracing the skin you're in.

That's what Helen Mirren does. She's 72 years old and a major inspiration. We've always been fans of her unique, colorful, and confident approach to life, so imagine our excitement when we were able to sit down with her face-to-face while she was on a promotional tour for her latest role in the movie Winchester.

Ed. note: This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

There you have it. Life advice from Dame Helen Mirren herself. Excuse us while we buy a Keep Calm and Carry On mug ($12) for our desks, remind ourselves that appearance is unimportant and fleeting, and tend to our winter houseplants (to, quite literally, stay grounded). After all, if it's good enough for Helen Mirren, then it's good enough for us.