22 of Helen Mirren's Absolute Best Hairstyles Throughout the Years

Helen Mirren Hair

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You don't need us to tell you that Dame Helen Mirren is a timeless beauty, mega-talented actress, and total icon, whose career spans nearly six decades. But something we don't mention enough in the context of Queen Mirren is her incredible ability to be a style—and hair—chameleon on the red carpet and beyond. While she has clearly done it all in the hair department—between layered bobs, sleek bangs, and every blowout in between—she also clearly knows what works for herself. (And we couldn't love her more for it.)

Below, 22 of Helen Mirren's best hairstyles throughout the years.

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Wavy Bob

Helen Mirren Wavy Bob

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

No one pulls off a fresh bob quite like Helen Mirren. With tousled, face-framing waves and an elegant side part, this is basically a masterclass in making an otherwise everyday haircut look red carpet-ready.

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Slicked Back

Helen Mirren Hairstyles

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

For an elevated look that's effortless to achieve, slicking back your locks is always a good idea. It's also worth noting that the addition of the matte red lip here is *chef's kiss.* This is a combination I'll definitely be recreating soon.

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Swept Back

Helen Mirren Hairstyle

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

For something elegant yet effortless, a swept-back, voluminous look like this hits all the right notes. (All you'll need is a great hairbrush and hairspray.)

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Volume Up Top

Helen Mirren Hairstyles

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

It's not all side bangs and wavy bobs—Mirren loves a good risk on the red carpet, too. This look features next-level volume on top (undoubtedly made possible thanks to some professional teasing skills and strong hairspray) for a statement-making style that's anything but boring.

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All the Volume

Helen Mirren Hairstyles

Getty Images/Jean Baptiste Lacroix

One fringe benefit of short locks is the fact that you can get next-level volume more easily, without the added weight of extra hair. These loose, voluminous curls are perfect.

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Sleek and Straight

Helen Mirren Hairstyles

Lawrence Busacca/Getty Images

Mirren kept things blunt, sleek, and sophisticated here with a super-straight, layered bob. (Get the look with our favorite straighteners and smoothing serums.)

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Short and Fresh

Helen Mirren Hairstyles

Todd Williamson/Getty Images

If there's one thing Helen Mirren's going to do, it's serve short hair like no one else. This lightweight look—with longer, layered pieces in the front—is perfect for someone who prefers a style that's on the low-maintenance side.

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Rose Gold Moment

Helen Mirren Hairstyles

Eamonn McCormack/Getty Images

Who knew Helen Mirren had a rose gold phase? We never miss a chance to swoon over rose gold locks—and it's obviously no surprise the dame knocks it out of the park with this pink look.

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Simple and Sophisticated

Helen Mirren Hairstyles

Getty Images/Frazer Harrison

Sometimes you just have to keep things simple, and no one knows that better than Helen Mirren. Her sleek, pulled-back look here is chic and sophisticated—something we've come to expect from the dame by now.

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Face-Framing Fringe

Helen Mirren Hairstyles

Getty Images/Vince Bucci

With flattering, face-framing bangs and sleek layers, Helen Mirren's famous face is brought to the forefront with this style. (And how stunning is that blue eyeshadow?)

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Romantic Tendrils

Helen Mirren Hairstyles

Getty Images/Martin Doyle

Mirren may not do updos often, but when she does, she always nails them. This swept-back style features soft, touchable tendrils framing her face for a look that's about as romantic as can be.

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Soft Layers

Helen Mirren Hairstyles

Getty Images/Jamie McCarthy

That shine! Mirren's soft, shiny layers and face-framing fringe take center stage here. (That, along with the gorgeous berry lip color she's wearing.)

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Next-Day Chic

Helen Mirren Hairstyles

Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez

Tousled bedhead hair is something I like to call "next-day chic." (Aka, when you wake up after a big night and notice your hair looks even better than the day before.) Here, Mirren elevates an effortless, "un-styled" style.

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Chic Shag

Helen Mirren Hairstyles

Getty Images/Elisabetta A. Villa

As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing chicer than a good shag haircut, and of course, Helen Mirren's iteration—featuring effortless, tousled layers—doesn't disappoint.

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Retro Curls

Helen Mirren Hairstyles

Getty Images/Karwai Tang

You don't have to be a movie star like Mirren to channel Old Hollywood glamour. We're getting all the retro vibes from this look—loose, voluminous curls are elegant, understated, and oh-so-flattering on just about everyone.

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Layered Fringe

Helen Mirren Hairstyle

Getty Images/Vera Anderson

If you're on the fence about bangs, let this be a sign from Helen Mirren: Face-framing layers always get the job done.

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Elegant Pixie

Helen Mirren Hairstyles

Getty Images/Steve Granitz

She's not just a dame—Helen Mirren is the queen of the pixie cut, too. Here, some extra length and side-swept fringe give the style an elevated, elegant touch.

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Blunt Bob

Helen Mirren Hairstyles

Getty Images/David Paul Morris

Anna Wintour-esque blunt bobs are always chic, as far as I'm concerned—but the addition of straight-across bangs here makes the sleek look that much cooler.

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Sweet Layered Bob

Helen Mirren Hairstyles

Getty Images/Jamie McCarthy

For the perfect everyday look, nothing beats something short, sweet, and simple. This layered bob is on-point for everything from the red carpet (if you're Mirren) to the grocery store (if you're me). Plus, her glowy complexion and no-makeup makeup here are everything.

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Tousled Waves

Helen Mirren Hairstyle

Getty Images/Steve Granitz

A short, tousled look is made mega-chic with tousled waves and zhooshed-volume—a good volumizing hairspray will help you get the look.

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Sideswept Bangs

Helen Mirren Hairstyle

Getty Images/Frazer Harrison

Helen Mirren's long bob game is unmatched. Here, her side-swept bangs and loose layers are positively award-worthy.

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Sexy Side Bangs

Helen Mirren Side Bangs

Jason LaVeris / Contributor/Getty Images

Flipped-out bangs are kind of Helen Mirren's thing. Here, she gets extra volume at the crown which lifts the whole look even more. (Read our best tips for next-level volume here.)

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