Helena Christensen on the Power of Scent

Fragrance can tease, cajole, seduce, and hypnotize—Helena Christensen’s new perfume oil, deadofnight, does all of the above, and does it well. The scent, which features a heart of the rare ingredient oud oil, is strong but not obvious, moody but not dark. Rather, the fragrance settles into your skin and the potent green top notes slowly give way to hints of soft florals, as well as smoky sandalwood, amber, and white musk. “I think scent really has the ability to elevate,” Christensen says. “I can put on a little fragrance, and my whole mood and outlook is altered—especially with a scent as powerful as this one.”

We caught up with the model to learn more about the making of this seductive fragrance, her fondest scent memories and rituals, and the classic fragrances that she’ll never tire of. Keep scrolling to read our interview!