5 Tricks for Heatless Curls That Are Pretty Much Genius



I have fine hair that's super sensitive to heat. Seriously, one rendezvous with a hair straightener or curling iron sets me back two hair masks, a quarter of a bottle of moisturizing conditioner, and maybe even an application of coconut oil. Because of this, I have to choose when to use heat tools carefully. I've found that exposing my strands to heat super sparingly is the best damage prevention technique. (When I straighten or curl my hair, I go without washing it for at least three days. With hair like mine, I have to get the most styling bang for my buck.)

What I was unaware of, though, was that styling hair sans heat is totally possible and actually pretty easy. If the right products and technique are used, full and volumized curls can appear without a single touch from a curling iron. Keep reading to learn how to curl your hair without heat tools, according to the experts.