I Tried a Heated Eyelash Curler, and It Made All the Difference

I've always been pretty proud of my eyelashes—they're long, full, and garner a lot of compliments from makeup artists. Fine, I'll stop bragging. 

However, the one thing my eyelashes haven't been able to master is holding a curl. No matter what, without fail, they'll straighten out and start to droop by night's end. I've tried every curling mascara on the market and run through just as many traditional eyelash curlers. Nothing seemed to work. That is, until Sephora's Heated Eyelash Curler ($17) came across my desk. 

First thing's first, here's evidence of my lashes with mascara, but without any curling. 

Hallie Gould

They're fine, but definitely could use some amping up.

The heated eyelash curler claims to add "instant, extreme curve to lashes." I was skeptical. I added a battery and, while sitting at my desk, I attempted to curl my lashes with it. It's bizarre because the mechanism doesn't even have a clamp—but, rather, you're meant to push the wand up and against your lashes for a few seconds (the same motion you would use while applying mascara).

It took a bit of time to get used to the process, but I noticed a difference for sure—and even more so when I applied my go-to mascara (La Roche Posay's Respectissime Extension Mascara, $25).

The thing was, when I took the "after" photo, I realized the results were more subtle than I thought. Once my mascara dried, I felt like fluttery butterfly—though the general consensus around the office was it wasn't super noticeable. Given the amount of extra time, I'm not thinking this procedure will be a daily add-on to my makeup routine. 

That being said, the results are still very real. I think I'll save this tool for a special night out or an important work event rather than heating it up and pushing it along my lashes in the early a.m.

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