8 Tried-and-Tested Heat Protectants for Natural Hair

Healthy hair requires a lot of things, but topping that list has to be avoiding heat. For this reason, using a thermal protector—one that nourishes the hair shaft and creates a barrier between your hair and any hot tools, even the sun—is an essential part of any haircare regimen. For women with natural hair, avoiding heat is especially important. Even blow-drying on the lowest setting can wreak havoc on strands, stripping moisture from the inside of each shaft.

One proactive measure you can take to protect hair from heat damage is using specially formulated heat protectants for natural hair. Thermal products free of harsh chemicals and sulfates that can further strip hair of its natural oils are game changers for your hair health and a must-have in your styling routine. The following heat protectants are infused with natural ingredients like shea butter, Jamaican black castor oil, algae extract, and mongongo oil to smooth and protect strands against any kind of heat.