5 Wearable Heart Rate Monitors to Help You With Your Fitness Goals

Fitness trackers have surged in popularity in the past handful of years, becoming a hit with both gym junkies and those simply looking to up their step count. But heart rate monitors can provide so much more information to guide your exercise efforts—if you know how to use them correctly.

For starters, your heart rate can tell you how your body is benefiting from the workout you're doing. Increase your heart rate to build stamina and maximize number of calories burned long after you work out, but keep it relatively low to burn fat. How your heart rate changes, especially if you track it consistently over time, can indicate how your physical fitness has improved. Keeping an eye on your resting heart rate can be particularly telling about whether you're on track to better health.

While Fitbit and the Apple Watch have certainly popularized heart rate monitors, there are even more options in the category on the market. Depending on how you prefer to break a sweat, you may want to look into a chest-strap monitor or even an HRM that works through wireless headphones. We've rounded up five of the best wearable heart rate monitors to help you with your fitness goals. Head below to see our picks and get ready to do so much more than just count your steps.

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