10 Heart Nail Designs That Are Actually Wearable Beyond Valentine’s Day

velvet manicure with heart accents


Maximalist, joyful beauty is having a moment, and if your favorite way to get in on beauty trends is with your nails, then perhaps you've noticed that heart-shaped nail designs are popping up all over the place. And for good reason—heart manicures are undoubtedly cute and (surprisingly) easy to create on your own with stickers and a touch of top coat.

But whether you plan to DIY or pay a visit to your favorite nail salon, there's truly a heart design for everyone. Be it a minimalistic, velvety approach or a kitschy pink-and-red blowout, there's room for everyone to get in on this trend.

So ahead, discover 10 heart nail designs to carry you through Valentine's Day and beyond.

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White Cutout

white manicure with heart cutout


If you find yourself always leaning towards a classic French manicure, I can't blame you, but there are tons of ways to mix up this old favorite (I'm personally obsessed with the vanilla French at the moment). Take for example this glossy French with a white, heart-cutout accent nail, which adds a sweet edge to an otherwise basic manicure.

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Chrome Hearts

light pink mani with silver heart stickers


Chrome is everything when it comes to nail art these days—but if a full swath of spacey silver is a bit much for your personal taste, a few accent stickers are a great way to add some heart-shaped flare to your nail art.

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Velvet Hearts

red velvet manicure with hearts


Aside from chrome nails, velvet nails are one of the most popular nail trends of the year with literally thousands of variations. We personally love this blood-red design from @nailartbyjen, which incorporates faux-ruby gems and groovy heart appliques.

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Lip Gloss Hearts

woman with light pink nails with red hearts


If you haven't heard of lip gloss nails, you're about to fall in love. The name suggests what you would think—that you should use your favorite pinky-nude lip gloss shade to inspire your manicure. Top it off with a few painted red hearts and you have yourself the perfect balance of minimalist and maximlaist.

To paint a heart, try using a nail blotting tool (or the end of a bobby pin) to draw two dots. Then, drag each dot downwards to form the point of the heart.

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Magenta Accent

multi manicure with stars, flames, and hearts


If a hand full of hearts sounds like a *bit* much, try an accent nail. We love how this design by @disseynails incorporates mismatched artwork like flames, chrome stars, and smiley faces that somehow all go together.

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Confetti Hearts

confetti heart manicure


This confetti-heart manicure by @lolo.nailedit makes us think of Galentine's Day parties and Sweethearts candy. Opt for varying shades of pink and red to create dimension.

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Velvet Accent Hearts

woman with pink velvet manicure with white hearts


Baby pink manicures are having a moment. And when you combine the hue with the velvet trend and the tiniest little floating hearts, you have a subtle mani to wear well beyond Valentine's Day.

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Interlocking Heart Outlines

light pink manicure with heart outlines


These interlocking, metallic hearts will pop against any matte, baby-pink base, which will create maximum contrast.

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Abstract Hearts

light pink and red heart manicure


If subtlety is more your vibe, this abstract take is by you. Start with a white or light pink base, then have your manicurist layer on red jelly polish to get this look by @jessicawashick.

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French Hearts

pink french manicure with hearts


A ring finger scattered with hearts is the perfect way to play up a classic French manicure. Try a hot pink hue to really play up the theme.

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