2 Vegan Editors Share the Recipes That Make Them Feel (and Look) Amazing

I've followed a plant-based diet for more than five years, which means that I can't even begin to calculate how many times I've assured people—family, friends, and complete strangers alike—that I eat well. Very well. Aside from the occasional hankering for dairy-filled ice cream, I rarely want for anything. I eat delicious food and satisfy cravings on a daily basis, all without ingesting a single animal product.

Much of this has to do with the fact that veganism has completely transformed the way I approach food and my health. Not to sound too much like an after-school special, but when you've committed yourself to a plant-based way of life, you begin to see the beauty and satisfaction in consuming earth's bounty. It feels indulgent to try perfectly cooked vegetables and exotic fruits because it's pretty miraculous that something that grew from the ground can taste that good—and be so nourishing to boot. I feel satisfied after nearly every meal because I'm naturally filling myself with the nutrients that are so readily available to us all.

But if I step off my soapbox for a moment, I'll also be the first to cop to the fact that it's never been easier to go vegan—and to be a little less than virtuous while doing so. And that's something that has changed drastically since I started just five years ago, when I usually had to venture to a specialty health food store to purchase my essentials; these days, I only need to wander into my local chain grocery store to pick up a pint of nondairy Ben & Jerry's and 12 different kinds of tofu. In Los Angeles in particular, every restaurant has plant-based options. What's more: If I'm craving something particularly taboo—like, say, tacos carnitas—I only need to type a few words on Google to find a vegan version I can whip up at home. (Jackfruit is a dead ringer for shredded pork, just FYI.)

But while I've certainly accumulated many favorite recipes over the years, there are a few tried-and-true favorites that I return to again and again. The same goes for my lovely co-vegan co-worker, associate features editor Amanda, who has been practicing the plant-based way of life for a little more than a year. And since more and more omnivorous people are beginning to dabble with vegan meals on a semi-regular basis (I'm looking at you, Beyoncé… and you too, Dad), we thought it might be helpful to share the recipes we stand by the most.

From burgers to beautifying smoothies, find our favorite vegan recipes below—and get the details on their health benefits too.