The Best "Healthy" Alternatives to White Sugar, Ranked

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Ideally, you might consider quitting sugar in all forms, at least for a time. Even going just 30 days without the stuff can help reset your hormones and blood sugar, clear up your skin, and curb the addiction overall. (I did it last year, and within days, I suddenly had a very different idea of what I considered "sweet.")

"Unfortunately, sugar is sugar," says Mia Rigden, nutrition expert, holistic health coach, and founder of The Rasa Life. "Instead of substituting one sugar for another, the best strategy is to train your body to crave less of it." Rigden offers a 21-day challenge wherein she encourages clients to ditch sugar altogether and substitute with fruit and stevia.

But we're also big believers in making smart decisions while still indulging what you crave, which is why we asked Rigden for her POV on some of the healthier alternatives to white sugar. "To satisfying my sweet tooth, I look for sugars that give you more than just a sweet taste," she says—that means sweeteners with more of a nutritional boost, from antioxidants to fiber. From honey to maple syrup, she ranks her favorites below.