Female Friendship and How It Affects Your Mind, Body, and Happiness


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To say my female friendships have been important is the understatement of the century. Those relationships, whether consciously or not, have changed the course of my life and mental well-being. From heavy topics like heartache and issues with family to everyday matters of confidence and support—the women in your life are paramount in helping maintain your happiness (and sanity). That's not to say relationships with those who don't identify as female are any less meaningful. But, that understanding and camaraderie reaches deep within your soul in a way unlike anything else. "There's certainly a mind-body connection," says Sanam Hafeez, PsyD, an NYC-based licensed clinical neuropsychologist. "The better we feel about our friendships and the more that friendships uplift, offer emotional support, encouragement, and humour, the better our health and well-being. It's common for people to prefer talking to friends in a time of crisis because instead of adding to their worry, friends can offer the pep-talk and shift toward optimism."

Once, I had a really bad night (like a crying and vomiting kind of night).Yes, it was about a boy—though that's beside the point. My best friend wasn't even there, but, I sent her a text message in the morning—"I'm not doing well,"—and that was all it took for an order of Chinese food to show up at my door. She knew me well enough to know I wanted to be alone and still feel her support from miles away. It's that kind of perceptive understanding, realising how to love someone even when it's not the way you'd want to be loved, that fuels the strength and compassion at the heart of female friendships. Plus, there are studies to prove it.

Keep reading to find out which areas of your life are most benefited by your friendships and why.

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