I Owe My Self-Care and Wellness Routine to My Relationship Status

The stages of falling in love can feel crazy—both like a slow-motion, pastel-colored dream and a sped-up music video at the same time. So much so that it becomes hard to maintain routine and, often, your needs can fall to the wayside in favor of long, drawn-out dinners and tipsy kitchen dance parties.

As someone who's managed to maintain somewhat of a perma-single status (I have relationships, but very rarely does it manifest long-term), I've found my self-care practices have remained on the forefront of my brain. I have more time to commit to myself because I'm not busy committing to anyone else. This realization struck me when two of my co-workers ended serious relationships. One of whom mentioned she was looking forward to taking time for herself, going to yoga, taking up meditating, and really focusing on herself as a person rather than just a partner.

Faith, a 20-something editor and recently single person explains, "I don't want to say that being in a relationship made me complacent, but there is a certain level of cozy comfort that comes with it. I feel like my previous (very lovely) relationship was like a warm, happy cocoon; my singledom feels a bit like being pushed out of a nest and forced to stay afloat in the murky unknown. You have no choice but to rely on yourself to navigate and fly—so why not take the time to do things that better yourself and help you feel really amazing?"