3 "Healthy" High-Calorie Foods Nutritionists Think You Should Avoid

We live in a society where we calorie-count—we’re obsessed with it. Somewhere on our journey to a healthier diet, we’ve been tricked into thinking the fewer calories we eat or sticking to a certain calorie minimum daily, the better we’ll start to look and feel. “We made a mistake by telling people that we could ‘burn’ calories, giving them the freedom to overeat as long as we cut back somewhere else (or exercise),” says Brooke Scheller, a certified nutrition specialist. “Five hundred calories of broccoli is not equal to 500 calories of a brownie. They’re processed completely differently by the body and have completely different micronutrient (fats, sugar, protein, carbs) and micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) profiles.” Calories are tricky territory. To help us keep our diet in check and on real healthy track, we asked Scheller what so-called healthy foods to avoid.

Read below to find out which so-called healthy foods you should think twice about.